The work of Graphic Design graduates from University College Falmouth 2010

Alice Saunders

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D&AD Viral Advertising

‘Create a viral advert directing people to Fred Perry’s Subculture music website’

I wanted to capture the feeling of nostalgia surrounding personal music experiences. Each colour corresponds to an era which, in turn, corresponds to either the special Fred Perry vinyls, tape cassettes or CDs. These would be hidden in record stores, and are invitations to underground flashmobs based on historical music events, moments or dance moves. These flashmobs create the viral element of the campaign, as the general public would document them and upload them onto the internet.

The pack (tagged onto the packaging) creates a consistency used across all recorded elements. It is also translated onto existing CDs to create awareness of the campaign, as well as onto Fred Perry clothing in their stores.

Basic information (time, date and place) is printed onto the surface of all recorded elements. For a more detailed explanation of the specific flashmob, the user would have to listen to the vinyl, tape or CD itself, therefore gaining the full nostalgic experience.