The work of Graphic Design graduates from University College Falmouth 2010

Antony White

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An interactive website for an artist. The website was constructed using flash and dreamweaver. The idea was to try and create a different theme for each of the areas.

An example of one of the areas where the user enters sub sections by hovering over animated paint

Interactive Horror Film

An experimental interactive horror film. The film gives the user the choices of the protagonist in order to try and escape a series of horrific events.

The film was created using Flash, Premiere, After Effects and graphics created on Illustrator. This is a project I would like to work on and improve in the future

Interactive Mobile Phone Service.

The brief was to design a phone service that could be used in someones every day life. I designed a nutritional scanner, which empowers the user into gaining nutritional data efficiently.

The user gains nutritional data by scanning barcodes with the mobile phones camera, then instantly being able to compare it against the guideline daily allowance of which ever are they choose to for example grams of salt.