The work of Graphic Design graduates from University College Falmouth 2010

Becky Baldwin

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Have the last word.

In the last 20 years library usage has halved and the decline is increasing. This project encourages the public to ‘have the last word’ on the future of these irreplaceable institutions. Last lines of books are used throughout the project to evoke a feeling that something is ending and to engage the public with literature. A poster campaign invites the public to visit a website to leave their comments. Poignant and evocative comments are then transferred to the fronts of UK libraries to bring their thoughts to life and to continue the feel of something ending.

‘A book of endings’ accompanies the campaign – full of inspiring last lines. Details such as irregular page numbers and slight changes in type hint at each page being taken from individual books. Stock gradates as you read the book, to evoke a feeling of something passing.

ISTD Fallout

Inspired by the word ‘imbalance’, this project aims to get the public to decide whether they are for or against nuclear power. Packs would be sent out to universities that include a folding information piece, debate pack and poster to advertise a UK wide debate named ‘Fallout’.

Book Jacket Design: Perfume

Cover for ‘Perfume’ by Patrick Süskind. The concept is inspired by the constant struggle the reader faces throughout the story – having to switch between both the beautiful and horrific acts committed by the central character. The front cover is designed to be ambiguous, mysterious, and delicate. It is not until you turn to the back that the bloody fish eye completes the photograph – hinting at the darker side of the novel and referencing the opening scene of the book.