The work of Graphic Design graduates from University College Falmouth 2010

Chris Brown

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RSA Resourceful Supermarket : Your Street

A new social shopping service from Waitrose where members would have the option to pick up the shopping for another resident on their street instead of the supermarket delivering it to them.

Through this simple action members would get to know the people living in their neighbourhood,
resulting in a more friendly community.

This project was selected for the final shortlist of the 2010 RSA Design Awards.


The IDEER COLLECTION is a new augmented reality catalogue for IKEA. Rather than inspire people with photos of furniture, the new catalogue enables you to see the furniture in your own home through Augmented Reality.

UCF Textiles Graduate Catalogue 2009

This was the winning design in an open pitch to create the 2009 Textiles Graduate Catalogue. The catalogue had to showcase the 33 students and their course on individual cards with a print run of 500, all within the budget of £1500.