The work of Graphic Design graduates from University College Falmouth 2010

Daniel Wilson

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Ted Baker

YCN Brief: To design the Ted Baker store windows for their Autumn releases without the bland cliche of Autumn.

The concept behind my window design was to have fun. By using the fair as a theme i created three fairground favorite games for the window display. The main feature was the game hoopla re-created as an interactive app where the customer could then play to win new Autumn releases by interacting with the window on their iphone.

Ted Baker Hoopla

Ted Baker Application and Application Catalogue look.

Ted Baker In-store look

When Ted baker first opened its doors they used to give away carrots cut into the shape of goldfish in bags filled with water as a promotional gimmick. From this i decided to bring back some heritage and design the carrier bags with gold fish on them, this then tied in with the over all fairground theme.

Falmouth Butterfly

The Butterfly Video was made to highlight the process in making and producing the 2010 promotions poster, for University College Falmouth.
The idea and finished poster was generated with a team of people from the Graphic Design course based in Falmouth. The video worked as a viral vehicle to generate attention around the poster and the course.