The work of Graphic Design graduates from University College Falmouth 2010

George Jury

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Final Major Project: Retro Video Games Expo

Brand identity and promotional materials for a hypothetical retro video games exhibition to aid people in remembering about forgotten technologies. The brand identity is based on the idea of using the style and colours of classic video gaming, but giving it a contemporary twist. The promotional material uses the element of emotions associated with gaming, but combines that with iconic button layouts of classic video game console controllers.

Fedrigoni (YCN 2009/2010)

Open brief to promote Fedrigoni’s London showroom and get the creative community using the resource. Papercraft, typography and cliches were used to create a series of posters that convey a creative problem, giving the idea that you could go to the showroom and solve all of your creative problems. A booklet was also produced that showcased their paper range and a series of paper manipulation techniques.

Postage Stamps: Biodiversity (RSA 2009/2010)

A set of six stamps designed to show the importance of biodiversity. Each stamp displays a different ecosystem that can be found across the planet and four prominent animals found inside that ecosystem linked by means of a paper chain. When different value stamps are placed next to each other, they link through the “paper chain” of animals, continuing the links between different species and different ecosystems.