The work of Graphic Design graduates from University College Falmouth 2010

Gus Cook

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The resourceful supermarket

(short-listed for the RSA Design Directions Award)

The task was to design and develop a service through which a supermarket engages on a local level with its customers and others in the community,

The result was the Co. card, which rewarded customers with points for buying British produce. The points collected on the card could not only be used in store but also be put back in to the community.

Buying British can be more expensive, but the points are an incentive to spend that little bit more and instigate a positive change. All the produce that is part of the scheme is clearly labeled and can also used as an advertising space for individual producers.

A series of icons was also created to explain the service as simply as possible, not only to encourage
customers to sign up to the scheme, but also to remind them that service is there for them.