The work of Graphic Design graduates from University College Falmouth 2010

James Hunter

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Bluffer Books

Three book cover designs for Bluffer Books, a series of essential guides for ‘blaggers’ who want to feint knowledge on a given subject. Pictured: Bluff Your Way in DIY, wine and literature.

With ‘Bluff Your Way in DIY’, Ikea bags are no more…

…as with just one sly movement…

…the removable dust jacket ensures that critics won’t suss you out. On your bookshelf now sits ‘The Professional’s Extensive Guide to DIY’. Nicely done.


I created, branded and established the creative direction of Bear, a big, bold television channel looking to challenge its audience, and above all else, to be loved. Pictured: A5 Off-air and On-air brand guidelines.

A spread from the brand guidelines explaining the correct usage of the logo. The brand guidelines were printed on a range of GFSmith papers intended for corporate identity material. The stock for the covers and section dividers were chosen with consideration to longevity and embellishment.