The work of Graphic Design graduates from University College Falmouth 2010

Jay Lawton

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The Body Shop – ‘We campaign so you don’t have to’

My solution for an unconventional brand campaign for The Body Shop turns cosmetics advertising on its head. The ethical work that both Dame Anita Roddick and The Body Shop have done over the years sets the brand apart from competitors. Following their takeover by L’Oréal group, it is important to communicate The Body Shop’s values to the consumer in order to re-establish its position as the pioneer of ethical beauty products. These posters subtly incorporate their products into ‘activism’ style scenes, with the tagline ‘We campaign so you don’t have to’ persuading customers to find out more. The posters feature brief descriptions of The Body Shop’s work, illustrating the importance of issues such as responsible sourcing, and support for individuals and communities in need, to their brand values.

Mega Monster Munch – ‘We’re all that and a bag of crisps’

My solution to raise Monster Munch’s profile among students involves having a lighthearted ‘dig’ at other crisp brands. The campaign, ‘We’re all that and a bag of crisps’, relates back to the 90s slang phrase, suggesting that Monster Munch are the best variety of crisps available today. These posters would be place around college and university campuses at the start of a new year to draw attention to the campaign. To support the poster campaign, Monster Munch would sponsor the fresher’s packs given out at universities around the UK, with the branding of the bags and items inside creating effective publicity at little cost. The fresher’s bags would feature one of the poster designs on the front and contain a bag of either Pickled Onion, Roast Beef, or Flamin’ Hot crisps, prompting the students that don’t get the flavour they want, to try and ‘swap’ for it!