The work of Graphic Design graduates from University College Falmouth 2010

Jeff Lai

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P&O Ferries

Address the negative perceptions of ferry travel and raise awareness of P&O Ferries as a credible and cost effective alternative to low cost airlines.

Packaging for medical use

The idea of the packing design is to bring up a warm message to consumer about how important to have a healthy body. Each color represented different type of preventive medical for consumer can easily recognise which is which.


The theme of this project is about the philosophy of “confucianism”. The main idea is about a theory of “confucianism” which is Confucius firmly believed that good family relationships were the key to reforming society, and thus reforming government. The shape of the letter designed as a plant roots and the color spots represented people from different country, different culture with different skin color. It bring up a strong message about relationships between human.

“Natural Products in a man made world”

This campaign aims to promote the products of the body shop as natural and the ingredients are harvested every corner of the world. The body shop brings the best of natural into the city environment to enhance people’s natural beauty.