The work of Graphic Design graduates from University College Falmouth 2010

Jonathan Jarvis

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In response to the ISTD ‘100′ brief, i looked at the number 100 as a symbol for
completion, and created a piece of product design that portrayed the physical
aspect of completing a challenging puzzle.”

NBC Universal

A live brief set by NBC Universal, asking to rebrand the entertainment company as well as its 4 UK Channels, with the intentions of uniting them as one family of channels. The final Proposal included new logos for each channel as well as a custom typeface for the family, and a series of on and off screen promotions. The project was in collaboration with Gus Cook, Rosie Skinner, and Chris Brown.

Limited Edition

A hypothetical exhibition about the environmental impact of designers and the paper industry. The design proposal was an installation piece with an info booklet and publication, that amount of printed sheets corresponded to the amount of paper 12 trees were able to produce of that weight and size. All paper used was 100% recycled.”