The work of Graphic Design graduates from University College Falmouth 2010

Martin Hall

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The brief asked to create an identity for an organisation whose objective is to protect and improve the environment in some way.

I chose to create an organisation which promotes transforming a product to resuse it as something else. I decided to promote the products that exist and house them all under one roof, as a shop.

Amongst the ideas in the development stage, I thought about using one shape and re using it in many ways within the logo. I eventually created a letterform which is a cross between an ‘a’ and an ‘e’ so this one form is being used twice, with this I had to find a word which had an ‘a’ and an ‘e’ next to each other which did the job.

Posters for street promotion consist of printing onto newspapers with a quote to get peoples attention; the graphic is printed twice, firstly negative text taken out of a block of colour, then inverted, as if the text has been taken out of the block and re used, this also serves a purpose; if you can’t read the text one way; you should be able to the other.

News paper is used as it is a readily available throw away material, this is screen printed on and stuck on to walls, guerrilla style ( this will be affected by rain) or could be protected by Perspex if a more permanent advert.

The quotes relate to products instore:

Put paper to paper = a pen made from recycled paper.

Tell time with music = clocks made from cds.

Walk on your bike = shoes made from bike tyres.

Drink from the bottle = drinking glass made from a bottle.

Customers can obtain Create’s details by stamping their own business cards instore, they can select one of the three coloured stamps to print Create’s details over theirs.

Instore the customer is presented with an aisle through the centre of the store created by large boards displaying product information.

The colours are in keeping with the identity, as is graphic style adopted as it doesn’t use a photograph but presents what the product started as and what it will become.

Behind these large boards is the revelation of the products for sale.

This method will be used for the more impressive/ more expensive products.