The work of Graphic Design graduates from University College Falmouth 2010

Matt Walpole

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Goonhilly is the home of BT’s Earth Satellite Station and is now a major tourist attraction focussed on technology, the environment and the future. This project was to devise a new brand identity for the Goonhilly complex. Taking ‘edutainment’ as its core purpose the new brand has been devised around the central theme of making connections with all aspects of the park. This is reflected in the stationary, advertising, online, architecture and exhibits.

Horror magazine

This is one of a series of seven magazine supplements based on film genres. They would appear daily with the Daily and Sunday Telegraph as part of a newspapers new direction on aspects of culture.

The links that make us individual

This book looks into the journey that makes people around the world realize that they are not so different from one another. By taking many parts of someone’s lifestyle the book explains how we can be lead from one product to another, and another, and another and before we notice we have designed our entire homes and lives around what started as a mug or dvd or clock.