The work of Graphic Design graduates from University College Falmouth 2010

Rosie Skinner

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Ikea Body Parts

I created two responses to the IKEA D&AD brief to ‘inspire boundless change in peoples’ homes’. This first one exploits the association that IKEA has with flat pack furniture; here is a new flat pack boyfriend to reinvigorate your life. IVOR is a refreshing change, just as IKEA furniture is for your home, with the ease and speed of taking it home and assembling it yourself. As a range of posters, a new girlfriend as well as a new job are also available.

Ikea Landscapes

The second response to the D&AD brief. Using items from the new IKEA catalogue to make landscapes, inspiring home owners to look at their homes as a changeable environment. IKEA furniture can refresh and revitalise your home creating a completely different atmosphere. I created a meadow out of plates and washing up brushes, a seascape from bedsheets, a mountain range from plant pots and a forestscape from mugs. All the images were taken from the IKEA website and manipulated.

The straplines are all classic phrases describing change both big and small.

Ideally, each of the landscapes would be physically created and then photographed. They could also be temporarily built in urban spaces to create some drama for passers by.

Feel Good Animations

For a YCN brief for Feel Good Drinks. The motivation was to deliver the message that Feel Good don’t add any sugar or sweeteners to their drinks. As a response I created the shady characters of Mr Sugarlump and Mr Sweetener. One is a champion of hide and seek, the other is a master of disguise.