The work of Graphic Design graduates from University College Falmouth 2010

Tamsyn Strike

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ISTD “Channel X” Brief 2010

The brief asked to create a distinct, entertaining and exciting Channel look. Time is precious, that is why I decided to break down 24 hours of programming into 4 easy categories: Morning, Day, Evening and Night; allowing the branding for channel ‘twenty4’ to make planning television viewing an easier experience. Awarded a merit by ISTD.

Example of a morning promo endboard.

Animated promo endboard for daytime programming.

Set of style guides, one for each category, and a DVD containing examples of the different endboards.


Self initiated brief to promote Film 4’s Frightfest, a Horror Film Festival held yearly at Empire Cinema Leicester Square. A line of light is used as a device throughout the promotional material.

This is an example of the television ad.