The work of Graphic Design graduates from University College Falmouth 2010

Thomas Wood

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Off the Map

Self initiated brief to help people discover more about closed stations on the London Underground. A series of booklets and posters have been created which would be given away free with copies of the London Metro.

VW Camper

Three designs for a re-release of the VW Camper, aimed at a recession market. Each of the three advertisements was created by building a 1200mm square model, photographed and formatted for display as 48 Sheet Billboards.


Branding and direction for a new television channel which shows back to back episodes of popular programmes. A full series or even a complete collection may be shown in a single session, therefore suggesting the channel name; Marathon.

Ambient advertising for The advertising consists of the ‘lastminute lane’, which would be placed on the left of tube esculators, where people are normally in a rush.

National Portrait Gallery

Part of a set of posters promoting short visits to the National Portrait Gallery where snappy visits lead to instant reactions.