The work of Graphic Design graduates from University College Falmouth 2010

Vita Cameron

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Typographic installations located in train stations which relate to their environment and encourage individuals to enjoy reading. The typefaces were chosen specifically in relation to when the text was made.

An extract from From a Railway Carriage, a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson which would be engraved into a platform edge

Part of the script from the film Trainspotting which would be engraved into the wooden handrail of a footbridge.

Perfume – Penguin

A series of covers of macabre tales inspired from the Penguin competition brief to design a new book jacket for Perfume.

Covers for Perfume, The Lovely Bones and Never Let Me Go.


A set of public installations illustrating that the beauty industry can be beautiful if you buy products from an ethically responsible company such as The Body Shop.

Posters drawing attention to the events in advance of the advertised date.

Installations promoting different sets of The Body Shop’s ethical values based on the environment, humanity or animals.

Description: Flyers relating to each individual event to publicise facts about the Body Shop’s ethical code. Inside the packages is paper soap confetti which communicate the sensory pleasure of The Body Shop.